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India or Republic of India as it is officially called is in Asia continent. India is 7th largest

country in the world in terms of area and 2nd largest country in entire globe in terms of

population. There are two sea and one ocean which lie to


India is known for one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. The first

major civilization here flourished for about one thousand years since 2500 BC

along the Valley of Indus River. The great cities of this civilization were

Mohenjodaro and Harappa which is now in Pakistan. Later invaders swept


In the northern hemisphere. The mainland is located between latitudes 804′ and 3706′

north, longitudes 6807′ and 97025′ east. and measures about 3,214 km from north to south

between the extreme latitudes and about 2,933 km from east to west between the extreme

longitudes. It has a land


India is a tropical country. But, the climatic diversity is such that conditions in the far north

India have no relation to those in the south India. Climate varies greatly from region to


Winters are from mid-November to mid-March, which also happen to be the tourist

season. In southern


Religion and philosophy is essential part of life for most of people in India. Even though, the

manifestation of spirituality and philosophy is often diffused as there have been a number of

schools and cults which have been rigid in their thoughts and interpretation of philosophical

terms in order to maintain


India is home to not just one or two languages but to a big number of different lingual

families. Languages in India belong to primarily two major families – Indo Aryan and

Dravidian languages. But still there is not one single Indian language which is spoken by

people in India all over the country.


What can you buy in India? Just about everything as India is a shopper’s paradise.

Welcome to shopping in India.

One can experience the culture of the country, while shopping in India as well as bring

home a few momento. Every part of India offers its own special shopping experience as


“Age cannot wither…. nor custom stale the infinite variety”. These very lines of

Shakespeare can be perfectly used to describe the Indian Cuisine.Indian food is as varied

and diversified as the country itself, with every region having its own speciality. India has

immense variety of not


India uses 220 Volts, 50 Hz alternating current as the power source. Plugs and sockets

have either 3 Pin connections (Type D) or 2 pin connections (Type C).

The three pin plug is rated at 250V and has three round pins in a triangular pattern.

Although a standard European electric plug (2 round pins) may fit


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